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Single Review: Lady A - "What A Song Can Do"



                                                                      LADY A

                                                               "What A Song Can Do" 

                                                                Big Machine Label Group





Grammy Award-winning trio Lady A is at the point in their career when they can seemingly do whatever they want with their music direction, creation, and selection.  They have released eight records, won some of the biggest and most prominent awards a group can achieve, both inside and outside of country music, and have played in amphitheaters and arenas across the world.

When a group that has achieved as much as they have, it makes it that much more refreshing that when they have the freedom and desire to release material from their own muse, it is still so…damn…good.

The songwriting, the instrumentation, and vocal harmonies are effortless and beautiful.  The musical familiarity this trio is able to deliver, even while maintaining some spontaneity and variety from track to track and album to album, is exactly why country music fans fell in love with their sound dating back to their very first release.

“We have been overfilled with gratitude after releasing this album and we don’t take it lightly that after eight albums our music still resonates with so many people”, Charles Kelley said.  “This song is the summation of where our hears are right now and how much music can really pull us through in times of need.  We love writing songs about lost love and things like that, but I feel our favorite material comes with a strong positive message.”

It can make you dance and make you cry

Make you wanna give it one more try

Start a band and kiss that girl

And break some rules

It’ll make you give your heart and get it back

Change your mind just like that

When it’s like every single line was written just for you

Ain’t it crazy what a song can do?”

Written by Kelley along with Ryan Hurd, Sam Ellis, and Laura Veltz, the song has earned millions of on-demand streams and is still highly in demand, months after its initial release. It serves as the title track to the band’s eighth studio album, continuing the trend that has made this group one of the most popular and successful of the last nearly 14 years. 

With a fresh perspective on the songwriting process and an everlasting array of talent and creative comradery, Lady A appears set to continue to treat the music world with new material for years to come.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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