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Single Review: Megan Mullins Owen - "Water Down My Whiskey"



                                                                    MEGAN MULLINS OWEN

                                                              "Water Down My Whiskey'" 

                                                              CCB Nashville





When it comes to consistency in their release schedule, independent label CCB Nashville has been on point throughout 2022 with their #newmusicfriday initiative, releasing a new song from one of their label roster artists every single week.

Not only has the label been consistent with their releases, but each new song – whether by design or not – has seen the artist deliver a piece that is constantly elevating their game, satisfying the listener anticipation while boldly showcasing their all-around signature flare as they define their craft and artistry.

Megan Mullins Owen has given us several different layers of her vast arsenal, but the renowned fiddle playing virtuoso has certainly let her fiddle catch fire on barnburners such as “All-American Family Band,” “This Good Is Gettin’ Better,” “Cryin’s Comin,” and “Mine All Mine.”

Her new release, “Water Down My Whiskey,” once again sees unveiling another layer as she slides into slower paced, heart-tugging territory, intriguingly lacing the song with piano based instrumentation as she faces the hurt and pain of losing love, before fully embracing the empowering thought process that it wasn’t love she lost at all, but herself while she was in it.

Kept you alive, but lost myself,” she foreshadows during the opening verse as she pulls us through lyrics that sees her building back her confidence as she sings of nothing being left for him to use, to walk on, etc… before boldly punching into the chorus that sees her liberation come to full fruition:

“You can’t delude 100 proof

Can’t burn a fire without fuel

You tried to make me into something you can use

Because you’re empty

But you can’t water down my whiskey” 

Continuing with gusto behind her words, Megan pulls you through the second half of the song accepting that he played her like a puppet on a string, and while she admits that losing out on love hurts like hell, it’s not nearly bad as losing herself because of it.

Women’s empowerment songs have started to become commonplace in country music, but rarely does one come along that sees the woman maturely looking in the mirror to face some of their own missteps in past situations and not just pointing the blame elsewhere. Megan Mullins Owen perfectly toes the line between you never should’ve treated me that way and some of this is still my responsibility for allowing it, which makes “Water Down My Whiskey” one of the most honest and strongest of the empowerment type that we’ve heard in a while.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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