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Single Review: Shane Profitt - "Country Boys"



                                                                     SHANE PROFITT

                                                              "Country Boys" 

                                                              Big Machine Records





When Columbia, Tennessee native, and Chris Janson protégé, Shane Profitt found a little bit of luck and whole lot of blessing work to his favor after a chance meeting with Chris, he didn’t let the opportunity go to waste. 

At the time of this writing, his debut single “How It Oughta Be” is sitting in the Top 30, his country boy cred has run rampant through every song he’s shared, and he’s more than introduced himself as an artist, songwriter, and down-home guy next door.

He’s now continuing to tease the listening audience of things still to come with more new music courtesy his latest release, “Country Boys.”

The song, co-written by Shane with Blake Bollinger and Nate Kenyon, gives us that Southern rock infused country punch that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from Profitt, while also sprinkling a little traditional flavor into the mix to give this a kiss of bluegrass mountain flare that sweetens the taste as he expands just slightly enough outside his normal zone to heighten the intrigue from his newfound fan base.

The tempo driven, toe tapping melody keeps you bopping along, but he certainly doesn’t shy away from common themes while painting the picture of what being country looks like where he’s from: Texaco gas stations selling Skoal, the woods being full of deer, cowboy hats and blue jeans as the familiar attire, and catfish, collard greens, and grain alcohol being the strong part of their diet.

However, underneath these “done over and over again” themes, Shane digs a little deeper into the most important aspects that shape that good-hearted side of who country folks are when he sings of more meaningful things such as being in the pews at church on Sunday morning.

We get a shift in melody dynamic as he digs the grittier side of his voice into the final chorus to add raw fuel to the irresistible, audience participation moment of the song that leaps right out your speakers and has you immediately envisioning a club full of people screaming back the lyrics at him.

The thing about Shane Profitt is that while he’s tackling themes that we’ve heard time and time again, what makes them so attractive when they’re coming from him is that they are transparently honest as he’s simply singing what he knows, who he is, and where he’s from.   

This “I am who I am” approach makes him such an endearing new artist on the country music landscape that you can’t help but fully appreciate the fact that he clearly knows his blue-collar audience and writes straight at the heart of the good ole boys like him.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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