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Single Review: Chase Wright - "Never Loved Before"



                                                                      CHASE WRIGHT

                                                                "Never Loved Before" 

                                                                Independent Release





2022 was a monumental year for Chase Wright.

Being named a SiriusXM Highway Find meant that his song “Lying With You” was gifted heavy rotation, while his single “Hurt No More” became his fastest rising streaming song to-date with over 10 million streams tallied at the time of this writing.

Riding the tremendous buzz into the new year, the Indiana native kicks off 2023 with his newest release, “Never Loved Before.”

Perfectly timed to hit all outlets ahead of Valentine’s Day, the song, written by Wright alongside Jeffrey East and Josh Kelley, is destined to become this year’s contender for the top wedding song as its softer pace allows him to pour his heart into the lyrics and immediately inject the emotion of the moment that your heart changes when you find “the one.”

Admitting through the verses, that it never felt right to him to throw around the word forever, that broken promises only led him to knowing loneliness, and that it never made much sense when someone would say you’ll know it when you know regarding love. 

That was of course until he met “the one.”

Standing in complete and total awe of how one person can come into your life and complete change everything for the better, Wright confesses that “you changed everything” and “before there was you and me, I was so incomplete” before sliding into a chorus that sees him openly admitting that he’s never felt like this, even though he thought he had:

“I thought I knew

Love until you

Now I'm not so sure

With you in my life

I've learned that I've

Never loved before”

Love songs never go out of style, but when an artist creates one straight out of their own life story, its transparency resonates with listeners in a different way than those songs they’ve already heard countless times before.

Chase Wright has delivered a song that’s perfect for anyone who has ever been broken by love in their past, before finding the one who puts the broken pieces back together and helps you discover what love is supposed to feel like.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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