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Single Review: Ashley McBryde - "Light On In The Kitchen"



                                                                     ASHLEY MCBRYDE

                                                              "Light On In The Kitchen" 

                                                               Warner Music Nashville





Country music star Ashley McBryde is once again the buzz of the genre following the release of her most recent single (and her first of 2023), “Light On In The Kitchen”.

The Arkansas native is one of the more widely respected singer-songwriters in the genre in recent years, and rightfully so.  Her ability to use her sophisticated songwriting talents to tell a down-to-earth story to which we can all relate consistently puts her music on another level…and that trend continues with her latest single.

“Light On In The Kitchen” is a tale of family values and morality, while also providing those words of support and wisdom that we all need in certain moments in our lives.  As has been the case for McBryde’s previous releases over the years, this song excels in all the right categories, embracing the traditional elements of classic country while also staying true to the current times with her always-clever lyrical delivery.

“And, honey, boys are dumb

But you gonna find your one

Love him hard and bless your heart

You’ll need someone to listen

That’s why I leave a light on in the kitchen”

Her ability to incorporate subtle elements of traditional country with other genres including pop, classic rock, and even some blues is something we have all fallen in love with over the years.  She finds herself in her comfort zone with “Light On In The Kitchen”, which is a dictionary-definition of who McBryde is as a songwriter and singer.

This is a welcomed sight for McBryde fans, who released her most recent studio album, ‘Never Will’, in 2020.  That hasn’t kept her out of the spotlight though, as she has had an impressive stretch of award-winning tunes under her belt, including “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” with Carly Pearce as well as “One Night Standards”.  Her ‘Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville’ collaborate concept project was nominated for the Best Country Album Grammy award, further enticing fans across the genre for a full length project in the near future.

Fans will have plenty of chances to see Ashley in concert this year, as she has dates scheduled across the country throughout the spring and summer and into the fall.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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