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Single Review: Casi Joy - "Partners In Time"



                                                                       CASI JOY

                                                                "Partners In Time"

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It’s a simple fact that whenever someone is willing to transparently share their own story - the good, the bad, or the ugly - it will immediately resonate with someone else’s and make a strong connection between each party through common factors.

Likewise, when an artist can take a chapter of their story and wrap it into a three-minute package, the same exact thing occurs when the lyrics pulse through the speakers and hit the heart of the listener.

That’s exactly what Casi Joy does on “Partners In Time,” the focus track from her debut album Miles & Maybe’s (released today 3/31/22).

After a highly-touted appearance on Season 17 of The Voice, the anticipation for the album has only continued to build through each song release ever since.

“Partners In Time,” co-written by Casi with Justin Klump and Lauryn Tauber, opens her diary and invites us straight into her own love story, where she praises with awe the solid relationship that she is blessed to have with her husband.

The up-tempo drive injects the ultra-happiness that is contained within the lyrics and instantly gets you bopping along with the melody as she slides in her vocal to tell of the first kiss moment that instantly changed her life and has kept changing it for the past ten years since.

Expertly capturing the heartfelt flutter in the knowing of how perfect he is for her, Casi shares in the second verse, “It’s like you know all of my secrets before their mine” and “swear sometimes you can read my mind.”

However, like any good chorus should, it ties the entire notion of their love together as she offers incredible comparatives of theirs to that of several famous couples; something she also does in the bridge:

“I’ll be Bonnie and you be Clyde”

“You be Johnny, I’ll be June”

“You be Tim, cause I got Faith”

The insatiable clap along into the first few lines of the final chorus sees the pop of the instrumentation momentarily slide to a simplicity and lace the background, which allows her voice to spotlight while creating an audience participation moment that makes this a perfect insert into her energy fueled live shows.

The anticipation that’s bubbled over surrounding her debut album culminates with the official release of it, and “Partners In Time” is the next piece to the overall puzzle for Casi Joy as she opens the current chapter of her budding career.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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