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Single Review: Jade Gibson - "Unforgivingly Me"



                                                                      JADE GIBSON

                                                                "Unforgivingly Me"

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Though Australian by location, Nashville certainly engrained itself in Jade Gibson during her 2018 trip to Music City where she fine-tuned the craft of songwriting while doing a deep dived study and continuing to develop her own, pop country sound.

The end result was the release of her debut EP The Great Unknown, which instantly propelled her to the number one position on iTunes, landed her on several artist to watch lists, and kickstarted a career that would then go on to include a top 10 with “Til We Fly,” becoming a finalist at the 2022 Toyota Star Maker awards at Tamworth, and earning over 400K streams on her latest effort “Country Mile.”

She now returns with her brand-new single, “Unforgivingly Me.”

The song, co-written by Jade with Michael Paynter, Michael Delorenzis, Katrina Burgoyne, and Mary Kutter, unapologetically sees her owning exactly who she is, flaws and all, and holding up a hand to the haters, letting the listener know that it’s okay to be exactly who they are and who they’re meant to be.

The float on the breeze, summery feel that’s wrapped within the instrumentation lends itself perfectly to the carefree kiss of the lyrics as Gibson confesses that her brutal honesty gets her in trouble sometimes and that maybe she’s a little too loud, while metaphorically shrugging her shoulders at the naysayers to confidently stamp down the fact that she’s also always gonna be real.

Those personality traits offer us a solid glimpse into who Jade is as a person, and the chorus certainly continues to do that, but it also provides an incredible spark of encouragement to the listener who might be feeling like they aren’t enough when she sings:

“You can’t take it, leave it

But you better believe it

I’ll dream it, be it

Chasing it like I mean it

So sorry not sorry if I ain’t your cool

Imma do me, you can do you

Don’t need permission to be

Unforgivingly me.”

As the spotlight surrounding Jade Gibson gets brighter, she’s continued to rise to the occasion by releasing impactful song after impactful song. “Unforgivingly Me” sees her not only progressing as a songwriter, performer, and artist, but it sees her transparently sharing who she is while slapping home a memorably, catchy melody that pulls the listener into the rhythm so she can expertly hit them with a punch of uplifting, feel-good vibes.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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