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  TYLER HUBBARD - Park - EMI Nashville

If Tyler Hubbard has proven just one thing at this point in his career, it’s that he absolutely knows his way around an infectiously catchy song that draws you in. From his days as one half of Florida Georgia Line to his current hitmaking solo career, the Diamond-certified superstar has kept our feet tapping, heads bobbing, and hips swaying with feel-good songs such as “Dancin’ In The Country,” “A Lot With A Little,” and “Wish You Would.”

Working off the #1 charting success of “Back Then Right Now,” Hubbard continues forging into his sophomore solo effort, Strong, with the release of his second official single from the album, “Park.”

Inspired by a high-school run-in with the cops at a church parking lot where he got caught “parking” with his then girlfriend, the song written by Tyler, Ashley Gorley, Jesse Frasure, and Canaan Smith immediately hits you with building rhythmic turns as Hubbard flirtatiously makes his way to the chorus on lines that set up the simple fact that while he and his girl can open up the throttle to see how fast his car can go, pulling over to park and get closer to one another is a much better idea.

Hitting the anthem fueled chorus, the lift in the melody instantly encourages the listener to pump a nostalgic fist in perfect timing as he playfully entices:

“I can drive you from this holler to Hollywood (Hollywood)

Got like seven hundred horses under the hood

But I can't hold you at this high speed

And you look good in that side seat

While we makin' these tires scream in this old car

All I wanna do is park

All I wanna do is park”

Utilizing the second half of the song to paint the landscape of what their night could look like, he lists that they could lay the seats way back, count the midnight windshield stars, and watch the sunrise together, all while his heartbeat continually races toward his yearning to cut the engine and just “kiss her slow.”

Where many artists of Tyler Hubbard’s elite status tend to sit well within their proven comfort zone and ride that wave, while he certainly retains his signature feels, he is intentionally innovative with what he’s doing as a solo artist by sliding in different vibes so that there remains familiarity with a toe dip into the waters of a new direction.

With an 80’s soft rock/pop aura becoming an atmosphere that’s increasingly swirled into the mix, it makes sense then that “Park” continues to unravel that influence as it floats its groove in perfect companionship with the warmer weather months, giving Hubbard a punch at radio that will see him navigating the sea of summertime anthems to stand out atop his next big hit.  

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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