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  DIPPER - You're The One - Warner Records

This past fall when Bailey Zimmerman, Core Entertainment, and Warner Chappel teamed up together to sign singer-songwriter Dipper to a global publishing deal, the country music industry quickly took notice of his refreshing 2000’s era vibe while his listening audience continued clamoring to hotly received releases from his Evergreen EP, “Hated Myself” and “She’s Got Wings.”

He now returns with his highly anticipated new single, “You’re The One.”

With an addictive rhythmic strike of acoustic guitar providing a sway along glide that instantly pushes into the catchy, banjo plucked melody, Dipper places the whispered edges of his vocal over the top of the lyrics, accenting proper emphasis throughout the opening verse as he offers descriptives of who he used to be before he took his chance on love and won over the heart of his better half.

Initially tallying himself as the pedal down type who was never going to settle down, we see his walls begin to evaporate when he admits with pure astonishment, “Guess I never thought you’d fall for me,” revisiting from his now perspective on back when he took his shot with the small-town beauty queen who was way out of his league.

Lifting the chorus to pop his voice with awestricken enthusiasm of their life together now, he muses on how it’s crazy that they used to be strangers and ended up falling in love, while securing the overwhelming heart flutter of falling more and more in love every day, landing at the truth-filled hook that she’s more than just another someone, but is rather “the one.”

One thing leads to another

Now we’re taking a two lane with the windows down

You got your hair down, I got my hat back

Feels like forever, girl there ain’t no doubt

I can’t believe that I ever thought that you were just someone

You’re the one”

With a freshly gilded feel that holds tightly to several aspects of the country music from a decade ago when artists like Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts sat atop the charts with their breezy feel-goods, Dipper finds perfect balance in his crafting of an upbeat, potential wedding playlist favorite by keeping a strong bend on the country music laurels of back when while stamping a firm foothold on the current generation sound of right here and now. 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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