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  DREW PARKER - Better On A Boat - Warner Music Nashville

With radio hits “While You’re Gone” and “Little Miss Saturday Night” already anchoring his very strong resume, Drew Parker’s authentically branded, neo-traditional style has raised a solid amount of buzz that continued to flow through hotly received fan favorites “Raised Up Right,” “At The End Of A Dirt Road,” and “Middle Of Nowhere Class.”

With a heightened anticipation that accelerated last month when he shared his next official radio single, “Love The Leavin’,” upon announcing that his debut album Camouflage Cowboy will be out on July 12th, he now offers the next look at things still to come with “Better On a Boat.”

Co-written by Drew with Dan Isbell and Jacob Rice, the song slaps a honky-tonk laden flare through the guitar licks in the intro as they wrap around the fiery fiddle sliding against the subtly of steel to immediately pull you in and get your boot heels tapping as Parker’s rich vocals hit the first verse, setting the tone of country boy descriptives and summery lyrics.

I prefer my football on Saturday’s, save Sunday for Jesus and a NASCAR race,” he sings on the opening line, instantly stamping his country boy cred before shifting gears to warm weather feels into the chorus as he not only tackles the attraction of fishing while transporting us to the lake, but quotes all that makes it that much sweeter:

“It’s a whole lot sweeter in a honey hole

When baby’s got a bass on her fishing pole

The more I live the more I know

Life’s like a cold beer

Better on a boat”

Grabbing hold of the second line of that chorus, the next verse then sees him placing total focus on his “baby” as he strikes emphasis on her being the one who is wanting to hit the lake and he just simply going along for the ride once he notices her putting on a two piece and Coppertone while excitedly foretelling that he’s fixin’ to watch her boot scoot on an old pontoon instead of a hardwood, honky-tonk dancefloor.

Country music and summertime go hand in hand. Feel good vibes just seamlessly flow out our radio speakers all summer long, but rarely do those types of warmer weather songs shift away from the predictable sun shined feels to instead hold a honky-tonk kissed flare.

Drew Parker not only accomplishes something fairly unique within the overall feel of “Better On A Boat” when comparing it to the onslaught of songs that are hitting us with similar connotations, but he manages to retain exactly who he is at his core while craftily delivering a song that is no doubt going to become a mainstay on your summertime playlist.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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