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  JENNA PAULETTE - Wild Is Her Favorite Color - Leo 33

Through an audible authenticity that secured rave reviews on her debut project The Girl I Was, working cowgirl Jenna Paulette has quickly become a sought-after name in country music as she unravels layers of heartbreak and healing through signature attributes that uniquely make her who she is while walking a sonic path that falls in the space between today’s modern era and an early 2000’s country sound.

Having already released “Darlin’” and “Hang Your Hat,” Paulette now continues to intriguingly lay the foundations of her highly anticipated, sophomore project Horseback (due Sept. 6, 2024) with her latest teaser, “Wild Is Her Favorite Color.”

Co-written by ACM and CMA Award-winning songwriters Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsey, the pluck of softly strummed guitar laces the backing melody as Paulette carries the clean edged waver of her vocal against its built-in grit to semi-autobiographically trek through the “wild” that runs within her spirit, boldly living the life she wants to live while endearingly fueling passion into the descriptives that layer her core.

Ready To Run is her favorite song,” she sings on the opening line, setting the free-spirited tone as she poetically paints the overall picture of who our main character is through each of the verses; the type who pulls you in with the way she talks, wears her heart on her sleeve, and is akin to a mockingbird standing on solid ground.

Using “wild” in craftily comparative metaphors with colorful descriptions, Paulette marks the verses in a mysteriousness that injects unapologetic confidence within the truth that our main character is the type who keeps you at a distance while creating an alluring aura about her that you simply can’t resist.

The chorus then becomes a pure spotlight of Paulette’s vocal prowess as she bends her tilts ever so gently into a wide openness that expertly slices into each word so that they carry the strong emphasis of the freedom feel of being “wild”:

“Wild is her favorite color

Hotter than fire engine red oh yeah yeah

Wild like no other

A little deeper shade of dangerous

She pants it on her lips and then she smiles


Ooh wild”

“Being wild has always gotten a bad rap, but I’ve always felt wild,” Paulette reflected from the saddle on Instagram. “Not Fireball shots at 3 A.M. wild, but honeysuckle growing up an old fence post. Horse wide open in a pasture. Sunset on fire, wind in my hair kind of wild. The kind of wild that God smiles about because he’s the one that made the wild… Not people’s opinions, not my own opinions about myself, not the constraints of society, undomesticated but feminine. Ruled by her maker and not the things the world says will make her. Free to be whatever it is that truly makes me come alive. So yes, I’m wild. And I’m hoping that when I’m done with it, it won’t have such a bad rap.”

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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