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Single Review: MaRynn Taylor - "Make You Mine"



                                                                      MARYNN TAYLOR

                                                                "Make You Mine" 

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While “I Know A Girl” provided a tremendous introduction to MaRynn Taylor as she earned solid rotation at country radio and quickly solidified herself as one to watch, “Every Single Summer” catapulted her miles ahead on her path, impacting the charts and opening doors on the back of its feel-good, carefree vibe.

Recently named as one of CMT’s Next Women of Country, Taylor is now continuing into her next exciting chapter with her brand-new single, “Make You Mine.”

Co-written by MaRynn, Dan Wilson, and Josh Kerr, the warm, mid-tempo pacing through the opening verse allows Taylor to embed her girl next door vocals into cleverly written lyrics that present a listing of the exciting rush she needs to feel from the one who’s pining to be her better half, singing lines such as make me your … “ride around in a one-horse town while the wind blows out the window with the radio loud” and “porch light, my never ever wanna say goodbye.”

As the melody then lifts into the chorus following her bold declaration to not dare take your time, we’re punched into an irresistible sway along rhythm as she lays out the challenge to him:

“Make me wanna melt in your hands

Make me wanna change all my plans

Make me wanna take all night

Make me wanna make you mine

Make me wanna drive too fast

Make me wanna never look back

When I look into your eyes

Make me wanna make you mine”

However, the second verse sees her somewhat sliding away from the list like fashion of the opening half of the song, to instead, map out exactly how he can win her over right here, right now:

“If you want my heart

I'll tell you right where to start

Kiss me slow for no reason

Show me that you’re never leaving”

With its very memorable pop country groove and the innocence that’s naturally wrapped within her voice, “Make You Mine” instantly puts a grin on your face as you can’t help but bop your head along with its summery vibed feel.

These aspects couple together with the very smart timing of the songs release to radio this May, giving us what could be the first song that radio grabs hold of to set the mood for the warmer weather months.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis) 




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