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Single Review: Ian Munsick ft. Cody Johnson - "Long Live Cowgirls"



                                                                      IAN MUNSICK

                                                                      FT. CODY JOHNSON

                                                               "Long Live Cowgirls" 

                                                                Warner Music Nashville




In the modern country music world we find ourselves living in 2022, songs like “Long Live Cowgirls”, the highly anticipated duet by Ian Munsick and Cody Johnson, offers a refreshing throwback to how many of us country fans remember growing up being introduced to music.

The track is straight out of a classic Western film, documenting a familiar subject while also paying homage to some of the most notable country icons including John Wayne and Chris LeDoux.

Well she rode in them wagons

When the Wild West was won

Took the canyons and badlands

And made ‘em her home

She’s boots on, LeDoux songs

Snaps on her pearls

Long live cowgirls

Co-written by Munsick along with Aby Gutierrez and Phil O’Donnell, the song is a paying tribute to the western lifestyle, which has unfortunately found its way on the outside looking in as the landscape of the country way of life continues to evolve, at least from the mainstream perspective.

“When I think of modern country and western music, I think of Cody Johnson,” Munsick said.  “’Long Live Cowgirls’ is a testament to the western way of life and how it’s still thriving today.  There’s no one out there who represents that lifestyle better than CoJo.”

Munsick opened for Johnson on his headlining tour in the fall of 2021, and while the tour has continued into the early part of this year, the duo has yet to perform the new song together live.  Maybe soon?

“Long Live Cowgirls” is the follow-up to Johnson’s chart-topper “Til You Can’t”, while Munsick’s hit single “Long Haul” is off his major label debut record, ‘Coyote Cry’.

For fans of these two or admirers of the western lifestyle and throwback country music, “Long Live Cowgirls” is a must listen.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)


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