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Single Review: Molly Lovette - "Seasons"



                                                                    MOLLY LOVETTE


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With her last single, “Hey Hey,” Molly Lovette gave us a playfully flirty song that sent positive vibes radiating through our speakers as she floated her voice along the catchy melody.

She now kicks of 2022 with her brand-new single “Seasons.”

A complete 180 from “Hey Hey,” the softer paced “Seasons” allows Lovette the opportunity to showcase her incredible vocal prowess as you can literally feel the hurt and pain in her voice as she sings of losing in love again.

Laced with the haunting cry of fiddle in its instrumentation, Lovette sings us through the opening verse where she reveals that nothing is feeling the same way between them anymore, but also that they’re both aware of it.

However, it’s when closes the verse with the line “When it comes to my heart, I’m the one to blame,” that she elevates the song with a stunning turn of maturity as she points the finger at herself for continually falling back into him, even though she knows he will change like the seasons as she delivers in the punch of the chorus.

Lovette then relives the good memories as the song progresses forward, from birthdays to last minute trips together, and we do see her trying to hold on some ways as she sings, “We could make it if we try.”

There’s a clever play on words in the lyrics that perfectly helps embody the idea that his behaviors change like the seasons, as she touches on several different aspects that come with the changing of the calendar months when she drops in lines about snow falling, flowers blooming, and summer nights.

Letting go is never easy, even when you know it’s the right thing to do. Molly Lovette uses her voice in all the right ways to capture the up and down, confusing emotions that show up during these tricky moments of life.

Her know how with her voice draws you in, while the instrumentation blends with it to help enhance the lyrics that much more, giving us a song that does everything right to connect with the listener as it tugs at the heartstrings of anyone who has played the game of love and lost.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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