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                                                                    LUCIE TIGER

                                                              "Right Next To You" 

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Though there isn’t a clear-cut roadmap for an artist from across the pond to follow for connecting with audiences in the states, one can look at the path that Sydney, Australia’s Lucie Tiger has carved out to get a good idea of where to go and how to get there.

Over the past year the songwriter/artist has delivered her unique brand of country-rock tilted Americana to radio across the states, earning her high placement on Music Row’s CountryBreakout chart with “Found My Home,” as well as with her most recent single, “Midnight Goodbye.”

She now returns with her brand-new release, “Right Next To You.”

Leaning on a guitar lick through the intro to pull you into the groove of the song, Tiger than captivates with her sassy, playfully toned vocals as she pulls us into a throwing caution to the wind lyric, singing of leaving the town behind to drive to destination unknown.

However, she quickly twists this lyric into revealing the deeper discovery to where the true risk in starting over really lies when she sings:

I thought of you

As first in the queue

To come and have a little fun.”

We then see Tiger enticing her best mate to come along even though their friendship could be at stake as she instigates on lines such as, “I think you and I both know it’s time to see where this road might end,” before she paints pictures in the second verse of exactly what their journey together could include: truck stop burgers, motel rooms, and watching the full moon in the desert at night.

Declaring several times throughout the song that she knows he’s the one for her and that where she wants to be is “right next to you,” Tiger masterfully leaves the song open ended as it never really says whether they get together for this road trip to destination nowhere planned. That small detail helps make this song so captivating to me, as it leaves me wondering if it’s meant to fit together with another that’s still to come and will answer that question.  

The signatures we’ve come to know from Tiger - great lyrics that paint perfect pictures, her uniquely intriguing vocal style, and a melody that drives through the song and grips your attention - are all intact on “Right Next To You” as she continues stamping down her place in country music ahead of her third US Tour this spring (2022).

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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