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Single Review: Leah Marie Mason - "Holy Water"



                                                                      LEAH MARIE MASON

                                                               "Holy Water" 

                                                                The 13th





2022 saw Leah Marie Mason intriguingly swerve outside of her comfort zone to deliver powerful songs, “Habit,” “Tears Into Diamonds,” and “Trust Fund Cowboy,” opening her next chapter in very bold ways while introducing us to a picture of things to come.

She now jumps into 2023 with “Holy Water.”

Co-written by Mason, Andrew Stoelzing, Blake Hubbard, and Jarrod Ingram, the song sees her striking out against the controversial types of people who hide behind the upstanding guise of religion simply to mask their true behaviors of manipulation and control, which in this case is a toxic ex.

With a bluesy drip that’s wrapped in gothic overtones, the darker feel laced through the melody perfectly captures the vibe of the lyrics, accentuating Mason’s incredible ability to tilt her voice into the scarred emotions and spiteful warning about the ex who done her wrong.

Relenting that he hides behind the silver cross around his neck and his tattoo of Proverbs 32, she paints the more honest picture of him when she moves her voice to a frustrated tone while she exposes the truths about him, singing through the verses: 

“He’s got way too many sins to be saved.”

“He’ll stab you in the back, no remorse, he won’t regret it.”

“He’s a snake with blue eyes, he acts like he’s wise.”

Before she then strikes the chorus with an elevated punch to her voice that delivers the pure power of the stark message when she sings:

“No, the devil ain’t in Georgia, he’s here in Tennessee

He drives an F-150, and he takes his whiskey neat

Hypocrite to his crucifix

And he’s headed straight to hell for it

I’m praying to the Holy Father

He’ll drown himself in Holy Water”

The addition of the gospel like choir through the bridge helps give this an eerie flavor that holds the gothic era in its tonality, while providing yet another layer of depth to what can only be described as a masterpiece as it intertwines each aspect of the song so perfectly that they expertly feed off one another to surround the dark message of truth that Mason spells out.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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