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“Next To You, Next To Me,” “The Church on Cumberland Road,” “Two Dozen Roses,” “Sunday in the South,” and the list of hit songs goes on and on. Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum selling Shenandoah certainly doesn’t need any introduction at this point in their illustrious career. 

But music trends always naturally shift. While Shenandoah’s signature feels of Marty Raybon’s incredible lead vocals, rich harmonies, memorable melodies, and ultra-strong lyrics remain prevalent definitions of the iconic group, they also knew that as they re-emerged into a different scene today, they needed to find a balance between who they are and what they do while discovering ways to then slightly smash it into elements of the here and now.

Enter their brand-new, uplifting single, “Revival,” their first official release in over two years.

The song, written by modern hitmakers Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley and Josh Miller, provides the first glimpse of their promised new album that’s due out later this year via 8-Track Entertainment.

Known for their Christian beliefs and unashamedly wearing them on their sleeves, this song holds tightly to life’s important connections with family and friends as they take us straight into the middle of getting back together after being away for far too long.

Namechecking “Next To You, Next To Me” in the opening verse injects a nostalgic vibe from the get-go, as they twist through the small talk and how ya been pleasantries to arrive at a notion that wonderfully compares an old church revival to the feel good gathering they’re singing about as the play off the idea that reconnecting with friends is so good for the soul.

The chorus pumps a gospel element into the mix and immediately has you dancing in the aisles, while they continue to give vivid descriptions of the people that they’ve gathered with so that you feel like you’re right there with them:

“These red dirt road disciples got spirits running through us”

“We got this down-home, home-town congregation”

Call us prodigal sons all in town for some fun” 

A rousing clap along after the second chorus slides into the bridge and outro, turning this song into an-all out, well “revival!”

You simply can’t help but feel the good time radiate through you as you clap and dance along with this beautiful marriage of the past and present, which cleverly gives this muddy, boot stomper an unsatiable way back feel to its energy as Shenandoah updates their core sound and expertly provides a heaping helping of intrigue for what’s still to come from their forthcoming album.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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