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                                                                      BRI FLETCHER


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The Nashville music scene is tough to navigate as it can make you a small-town star and keep you firmly in its grasp as you’re trying to grow your way out of it, often causing a content confusion as to which road you belong on.

But when the right artist experiences this conflicting emotion, they rise up and take everything to the next level while stepping way ahead on their path to major success.

That’s exactly what Bri Fletcher did in 2022. While her singles “Astronaut” and “There’s Still Tomorrow” - a duet with season 17 winner of The Voice Jake Hoot - earned her tremendous acclaim, she reached a monumental milestone when her song “Everything I’m Not” impressively gave her over 1 million streams for the first time in her career. 

The natural airiness that’s built into the tone of her voice has become a signature flare for Fletcher as she perfectly combines it with ultra-pop infused production aspects to add an element of intrigue to each of her releases, especially one that she’s hailed as being “kind of a spicy one that’s sassy!”

That’s the exact description she’s given to the song that kicks off her 2023, “***CH.”

With a pop laden backbeat lacing through the modern country vibe of the melody, Fletcher instantly unravels the history between her and her former best friend and gives the listener the reason why they’ve now had a falling out; “But I was in love with the man that she wanted, she got what she wanted not by accident.”

But while Fletcher proclaims that she’s a “girl’s girl,” she quickly flips the script to a spiteful frustration as she punches into the chorus with scorn in her voice to aptly describe her former best friend as being:


A bit bless your heart

She’s a bit Jolene

A bit try to hard

She’s a bit Spray on tan, steal your man, lie right to your face

Yeah, you could say she’s a bit

Just add the CH”

Continuing to fuel that angst bubbling on the inside, Bri pulls back from saying anything too negative because she was raised to just bite her tongue and not say bad stuff, but to rather let karma take its due course.

Bri Fletcher has certainly come into her own signature style and continues to elevate it with specific defining characteristics that make you know it’s her as soon as the song begins to play. But with “***CH,” she also unapologetically gives us a much different side lyrically then we’ve heard from her in the past, boldly owning each line and every single word to deliver a strong vocal that packs the flurry of emotions wrapped within them.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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