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Single Review: Hannah Dasher - "Cryin' All The Way to the Bank"



                                                                      HANNAH DASHER

                                                                "Cryin' All The Way to the Bank" 

                                                                Independent Release





Hannah Dasher boldly introduced herself to a vast audience with 2021’s “You’re Gonna Love Me,” and has continually built a solid following through her uber popular ‘Stand By Your Pan’ web series and solid song releases “Tall Boy” and “1990’s Heartbreak,” both which further highlighted her signature throwback flare as she pulled ideals from 90’s country into her irresistibly catchy melodies and memorable lyrics.

Dasher now returns with her first new music of 2023, “Cryin’ All The Way to the Bank.”

Swore I’d stand by my man when he put a ring on my hand,” begins Dasher with a healthy shot of that familiar throwback style and a bit of slyness and sass injected into her voice as she sets the tone with a dose of this ain’t gonna end well - - - for him!

As the story progresses, Hannah leans into well-crafted, memorable lines such as “but a trust fund don’t buy trust” as she gut punches the plot when she reveals that she’s caught him cheating on her.

Whereas many songs of a “revenge” nature take a darker, getting even type of twist, Dasher masterfully stays on the lighter side to give her a uniqueness as she admits that while she did cry a few tears in her beer at first, she’s now “cryin’ all the way to the bank” in the aftermath of their split.  

Running through a list of how good she has it without him, she raises a glass in anthem like fashion as she sings us through “I’m twice as rich as I used to be” lines that act a as spotlight showcase to reveal just how exactly his money is being spent on pampering herself: 

“Brand new Chevy, premium gas in the tank.”

“I turned these C’s into double D’s.”

“I’m drinking doubles at the Double Tree”

Hannah Dasher confidently knows who she is and what her lane is as she always stays true to herself to add pure honesty, hitting the right chords with her current fan base while continuing to bring more and more newcomers into it.

“Cryin’ All The Way to the Bank,” like songs before it such as “Left Right” and “Stoned Age,” allows Dasher to grab the listeners attention through her sassy vocal and great lyrics while moving your shoulders in the groove as your foot uncontrollably taps along with the rhythm as you pop your hips.  

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis) 




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