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‘Country With Heart’ Release Party

Thursday May 23, 2024

@ The Analog at Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN

(Review By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

As we looked on from side stage on May 7, 2016, SmithField engaged the sold-out crowd at the Grand Ole Opry as they stood inside the famed circle during the debut performance on the hallowed stage, soaring their signature harmonies while playing their then current single “Good Ol’ Days” and “Hey Whiskey.”

Nearly to the date 8 years later, we’re now sitting inside the Hutton Hotel within the social club atmosphere of the Analog, experiencing a snapshot of hard work, a dedication to the craft, and a culmination of both as SmithField (Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder) humbly stood center stage swirled in a perfect storm of emotions amid the admiration of their fans.

Celebrating the release of their very first album, Country With Heart (Part One), just mere hours before it would officially release, the duo invited their diehard fans into a first listen of the album in its entirety, performing each of its 7 tracks while filling the other half of their hour-long set with the fan favorites that have laid their firm foundations.

As their backing band slid into the moody intro of “Last Call Summer,” the duo emerged to the stage amongst a solid ovation, introducing their new music while captivatingly swapping lead vocals through each of the verses before crashing into harmony in the chorus, travelling poetic lyrics that painted the picture of the summer sun setting on both the season itself as well as the love that inevitably got away.

“We’re here to celebrate tonight!” Jennifer said enthusiastically. “It’s been a long time coming to finally get to this first album,” she excitedly exclaimed with a smile as they revealed the next look at it with “Run With It,” showering the crowd with an irresistible, groove laden melody that gave way to a float of rhythm that allowed their voices to blend over the top of it, capturing the carefree essence of falling as your racing heart takes over the rush of jumping in head first.  

Softening the pace to momentarily step away from the new album, “Sunday Best” captured a side by side sway before they’d return to the new music with the recent teaser track, “Don’t Know Myself,” bringing an audible hush to the room as they toned their emotionally drafted vocals into the heart gripping lyrics, singing transparently of losing who you are in the aftermath of a breakup as you struggle to navigate the trenches of your new beginnings without them by your side.

“We’re about to take y’all back with this one…and I know you know it, so sing along!” teased Jennifer as Trey wore one of his biggest influences on his sleeve when they pushed into their amazing cover of the Goo Goo Dolls “Iris,” providing a reminiscing look back to his earliest beginnings in music while expertly tying his then into his now as phones littered the air to light up the room during the final chorus.

In what Jennifer described as being just how it was when they were first starting out, a three-song acoustic run that anchored the middle of their set placed the spotlight on their stellar harmonies and songwriting craftiness as they encouraged through “We’ll Figure It Out,” opened the photo album on the love story of Jennifer’s Mimi on “If It Ain’t You,” and tackled heartbreak head on with the new tune, “Hell’s A Heartbreak.”

“This is the song that started it all for us,” Jennifer stated. “The first song of ours to play on country radio. It led to our Opry debut, and we cannot celebrate the new album without playing the one that took us here,” immediately earning an ovation from the mostly OG crowd as the first notes of “Hey Whiskey” reverberated and induced a sing along moment as Jennifer showcased her incredible range, running her depths straight into strikes of emotional passion that hammered home every word of their breakthrough single.

Masked by a bluesy country inspired groove that unveiled a new layer of their arsenal, “Overdoing Getting Over Me” battled the internal cry of watching your ex moving on so easily as your heart cracks piece by piece, utilizing both of their voices to embrace the flurry of heart chord emotions holding hints of hurt, anger, frustration, and heartbreak in each intriguing waver.

Allowing an undeniable sexiness to flare the room with “Something Sexy,” “I’ll Never Stop” then delivered the second complete hush of the night as they tackled the emotional strained idea of still holding someone in your heart after losing them, fully accepting that it’s better how it is now while confessing that the memories still come sneaking back around to remind you of what once was.

“We sing a lot of heartbreak songs, and this is the last one on the new record…on purpose,” told Jennifer. “We wanted to leave you on a positive note going into ‘Part Two,’” she teased, enlightening that more new music is coming very soon to a raucous ovation as “What I Got” put emphasis on the importance of the right here, right now, poignantly reminding us to slow down and appreciate the simple things that we already have in our lives.

Closing the night with their recent single, “Drink That Strong,” they stamped a solid exclamation point on a night that was not only a celebration of their new music but a celebration of their entire journey thus far, providing an unfolded look at the road map of ups, downs, and in-betweens that carried them to this very moment as they were met with a standing ovation.


1) Last Call Summer

2) Run With It

3) Sunday Best

4) Don’t Know Myself

5) Iris (Goo Goo Dolls cover)

6) We’ll Figure It Out

7) If It Ain’t You

8) Hell’s A Heartbreak

9) Hey Whiskey

10) Over Doing Getting Over Me

11) Something Sexy

12) I’ll Never Stop

13) What I Got

14) Drink That Strong



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