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                                                                    GRACE TYLER

                                                              "Warning Label" 

                                                              Independent Release





Texas native Grace Tyler has been listening to and singing country music for as long as she can remember, igniting a dream and a passion that took her to Nashville, TN as a teenager after high school.  From there, she as fully engulfed herself into the Music City culture, honing her craft as she continues to generate buzz around town as one of the bright young singer-songwriters in the country music forecast.

Tyler’s latest release is a celebration of one’s self-worth and what she not only expects, but what she demands from a new relationship.  She is who she is, and she is unapologetically acknowledging that she may not be for everyone, but she’s happy and confident with who she is and will not change for anyone.

The tune’s hook line (and title) is eye-catching and certainly creative, and came as a result of a real-life conversation.

“A guy once told me that I should come with a warning label, so I wrote a song about that”, Grace shares.

Musically, “Warning Label” is irresistibly catchy with perfectly timed hooks and melodies that will keep the listener’s head bobbing and toes tapping throughout, while Grace’s vocals are strong, powerful, and beautiful.  The energy and vibe she is able to convey through her vocal delivery is impressive, which has been the case on every release of hers we have heard thus far.

Influenced by the likes of Patsy Cline, George Strait, and Sunny Sweeney, Grace has developed her own music-creation strategy to develop a sound that is truly her own, and has showcased her undeniable abilities as a songwriter and singer on standout tunes including “Dust”, “Cowboys & Tequila”, and “My Mistake”. 

“Warning Label” is the latest example from this talented songstress that identifies Grace as a truly unique talent, something that, at one time, intimidated her, but now she embraces:

“My music doesn’t sound like anybody else’s, and I think that’s what scared me,” she says.  “I was scared of sound vulnerable and of being different.  But now I know that being different is what makes you stand out, and what makes you authentic”.

She’s correct.  Grace Tyler is different.  She’s also incredibly talented, driven, and on the fast track to much success in her country music future.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)




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