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REDFERRIN - Miss Summer - Warner Music Nashville

Blake Redferrin has already landed smash hits as a songwriter with Nelly’s “Lil Bit’” and Dean Brody and The Reklaws “I Can’t Help Myself,” but with “Jack & Diet Coke” he leapt from writer to artist, earning a whopping 18 million global streams and boldly stamping his name as one to watch in 2024.

His refreshing fusion of modern country, pop sensibilities, and slight traces of hip-hop carries a vibe that teases crossover success as he innovatively blends each specific element into a unique sound that tickles the senses of music lovers across multiple genres.

He now returns with his next single, “Miss Summer.”

The song, written by Redferrin, Michael Tyler, and Chris Loocke, leans its float on the breeze, laid back groove into an ultra-modern country flow that is as catchy as it is addictive, pulling the listener into the song as the vocals are layered atop the rhythm to nostalgically collect the proper looking back emotions of a summer fling.

Painting the visual of the summertime girl he crushed on, and would find himself falling for during her warmer weather months visit to Tennessee, Redferrin describes her in the opening verse as having blue eyes, blonde hair tied up in a knot, tan skin, and a Midwest accent as he leads to the chorus on the missing you thoughts of the “it is what it is” realizations:

“She was just miss summer

A couple months all you get from her

She’ll get you higher than the tips at the top of the pines

Yeah, getcha losing your mind

With just one kiss from her

Make you wanna put your Levi knee in the dirt

Boy it’s gonna hurt, when you find out she’s a midnight runner

Kinda girl like that gonna make you miss summer”

With a spotlight shining on the amazing craftsmanship of his songwriting ability which sees him using the term “Miss Summer” in the chorus to not only describe her, but to also place emphasis on the season that he’s now longing to get back, he continues to display his incredible abilities in the second verse when he advances the story into fall’s arrival as he laments on wishing he could have her back again.

With an overall sound that absolutely fits within today’s country music landscape, Redferrin expertly combines the freshness of the instrumentation and melody with nostalgic flare to bring our own memories to fruition as we flow our way through “Miss Summer,” masterfully adding a strong connection factor that pulls the listener’s individual story into his own with each passing line.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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