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  SCOTTY HASTING - I'm America - Black River Entertainment

With his incredibly real and thought-provoking single “How Do You Choose,” US Army veteran Scotty Hasting tapped into his true-to-life pain from losing someone close to him to accent the aftermath of confusion that leaves one reeling in God’s selection process of who He makes his next angel.

Now continuing to further open his diary and introduce himself with glimpses of who he is, “I’m America” interestingly sees him selecting an outside cut, but one that’s tailor-made for him.

Written by Music Row hitmakers Wade Kirby and Phil O'Donnell, Hasting has already shared on the song, "every single line of this song is why I decided to enlist in the Army. “I'm America” celebrates ALL of the things and people that make this country beautiful and indivisible."

Cleary striking the core of who he is so truthfully, the moody pacing of the melodic drive through the intro grips the gravity of the lyrics as the natural rawness embedded within his vocal delivery immediately resonates with the listener.

Using picture painting lines through each of the verses, the essence of who we all are as proud American’s emanates through our speakers as Hasting sings descriptives such as “I’m the highway, I’m the farm,” “The hand to rest over your heart,” and “I’m the music to the dance, the open window to a chance,” ultimately flowing into the anathematic chorus with lyrics that crescendo the patriotism within the listener as they’re enticed to sing out loud with him:

“I’m the echo of the bell that’s ringing

I’m the freedom in the song we’re singing

I’m the seed that’s in the dust

I’m the prayer in God we trust

A place to dream for all of us

I’m America”

Crafting through the bridge, he intriguingly adds a defining depth to how standing with the red, white, and blue correlates with having strong faith when he sings in prayer like fashion, “I’m the shelter washed in blood,” stamping another long-lasting, thought-provoking idea as the final chorus is strummed.

Country music’s very foundations are all about finding unique ways to tap into the familiarity of emotions that will cause the listener to feel something inside as they make their way through a song. Over his first two releases, Hasting has leaned into very strong truths to absolutely achieve marking his signatures while also hitting that intended heart chord to leave the listener wanting more.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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