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Since bursting onto the country music scene with her ‘Brought A Girl’ EP, American Idol alum Grace Leer has continually turned heads and created buzz on a path layered in raw honesty, whether it be through the nostalgic charm of songs such as “The Ones Before Me” or with unbridled, heart tugged emotions on songs such as “The One” and viral sensation, “My Mind's Made Up.”

She now returns with captivating transparency on her first release of 2024, “Best Friend For Life.”

The ultra-personal ballad gained its inspiration when her real-life best friend found her better half, and although the song was crafted as the next snapshot moment for them to share together, the rest of the world caught on quickly when Grace posted a now 13 million times viewed TikTok of the song, prompting for it to find an official release.

Opening the photo album of their long-tenured friendship, Leer invites us into the specifics that intertwined their lives, traveling through each vivid Polaroid as she offers the memory induced stories behind them, “Pillowcase as a veil, taking turns throwing that make-believe bouquet,” “spent 16 on the phone talking crushes,” etc.

Reminiscing on their formative years, she recalls through a blush toned, cheek-to-cheek smile of how they’d tell each other everything from first kisses to first dates, while also not shying away from the realism of the tougher moments like how her best friend nearly gave up on finding forever right before she found her perfect someone, pulling into the chorus with a crescendo of heartfelt emotions that are highlighted in extreme happiness:

“When you saw him you said you knew

When I met him I did too

And he's just as kind as you

I've seen him love you through

The best and the worst

Just like you deserve

With him at your side

I know you'll be alright

I swear the world looks a little sweeter tonight

My best friend found a best friend for life”

By being written in the speech-infused aura of the maid of honor, Grace Leer adds a uniquely fresh perspective to what it means to be standing by your best friend’s side on the biggest day of their life.

She perfectly slides through all the different feels of her racing heartbeat, encapsulating the shared expressions of each friend’s experience in that time-stopping moment while gifting the listener with a perfect Galentine’s Day snapshot to add to the photo album’s next page as this new chapter begins. 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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