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KENNY CHESNEY - Guilty Pleasure - Blue Chair Records/Warner Music Nashville

We are less than three weeks away from the first collection of new music from Kenny Chesney in four years.  With anticipation at an all time-high, the country music superstar continues to offer tastes of the upcoming record.  His latest, “Guilty Pleasure,” is an audio tropical escape, taking the listener through an ear-pleasing jaunt of the familiar ebbs and flows of a modern Chesney track.

An infectious guitar lick immediately grabs the listener attention and induces the toe-tapping and head-bobbing melody familiar with so many Chesney releases of the past.  “Guilty Pleasure” is a vibe from start to finish, incorporating a feel-good groove that will have you bumping and swaying upon the first listen.

“I have absolutely never heard a song like this…ever,” Chesney said.  “And I’ve heard a lot of songs!  It’s such an unusual, fresh way to come at something you think you know and have heard everything all about.  And then something falls out in a writing session, everyone looks at each other – and you all say, ‘OH! We’re writing that.’”

Working with longtime collaborators Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne, Chesney offers yet another new twist on a somewhat common theme.  Seen as a renaissance man at times, a native to the island-way of life with a no-strings-attached mentality, Kenny plays on the vibe of having fun with no accompanying expectations with this latest release, swooning through catchy, sing-along lyrics that will have us all singing and dancing along, taking us back to memories of young fun.

“I don’t know your mama

And it’s probably better if we keep it that way

Won’t be no breakup or drama

When you finally call me up and say

It’s been real, yeah, it’s been fun

But until whatever we’ve been doin’ is done”

“Guilty Pleasure” serves as the fourth taste of Kenny’s brand-new record, ‘BORN,” scheduled for release on March 22nd, following the likes of “Thinkin’ Bout,” “Just To Say We Did,” and “Take Her Home.”

The East Tennessee native’s mainstay power is nearly unmatched in today’s music industry, across country music and beyond.  He has released more than 20 albums that have included over 40 Top 10 singles with 32 of those tunes reaching the No. 1 spot, making him one of the most successful artist in history.

Chesney’s Sun Goes Down Tour kicks off on April 20th in Tampa and will hit markets across the country this spring and summer in what is expected to be one of the hottest and most successful treks of the year, as usual.  With a brand new record for the first time in four years, coupled with and new stadium tour supported by a star-studded lineup, Kenny is showing no signs of slowing down in 2024.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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