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  MACKENZIE PORTER - Coming Home To You - Big Loud Records

With the impending release of her 19-track, Big Loud Records debut album, Nobody's Born With A Broken Heart, Mackenzie Porter has paved its buzzworthy path with several well-received teasers including its title track, “Easy To Miss,” “Bet You Break My Heart,” “Pickup,” “Chasing Tornadoes,” and now “Coming Home To You.”

The latest, a tempo driven ballad written by Tofer Brown, Lauren Hungate, Caroline Watkins, and Emily Weisband, craftily allows the softness of its melodic flow to add an innocence to Porter’s vocal performance as she endearingly flips through the snapshot’s of where her life is at in this right here, right now moment.

It's only two bedrooms, the back door sticks,” paints the opening line of the song as she guides through an outline of the idiosyncrasies of her physical house, from its leaky faucet to the weeds growing in the garden; Something which she also does in the second half of the song when pinpointing the nothing fancy off white fridge and its small bedroom closet.

However, flipping focus to the idea of a house becoming a home solely because of the people in it, “We don't got it all but we got all we need,” matches her feel-good tone with the float on the breeze rhythmic pick up, carrying the everything is perfect as long as your with me aura as she moves through the praise-filled chorus with a blessed understanding of the true gifts of living life together:

“There's always gonna be bigger houses

Longer driveways with nicer cars

There's always gonna be whiter fences

Redder roses and a greener yard

Most people would kill for a higher up hill

Looking down on a better view

But I don't want no bigger house if

I ain't coming home to you” 

Mackenzie refreshingly giftwraps this idea of holding tightly to the unchanging constants, the what matters most of life, when she lovingly reassures her better half in the bridge of the song:

“If we never get rich, you'll still make me laugh

Your kiss will still drive me insane

I'll still hold you and love you the same”

With six #1 singles and nearly 900 million global on-demand streams already lining her resume, it seems kind of weird to say that things are just now on the verge of bursting wide open for Mackenzie Porter. However, her continued definitions of her signature sound coupling together with an immeasurable amount of anticipation already swirling around this new album has absolutely placed her in that exact position at the starting line of a tremendous 2024.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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