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  MARYNN TAYLOR - How It's Gonna Go - Black River Entertianment

With an outpouring of songs over this past year that highlighted her ability to balance fun and up-tempo with softer paced vulnerability, MaRynn Taylor has masterfully heightened anticipation for her forthcoming EP, Get To Know Me (out on May 31, 2024).

Following the float on the breeze, carefreeness of “Small Town Spinnin’,” “How It’s Gonna Go” carries a confident progression through its melody, matching the lyrical tone as Taylor pumps her girl-next door vocal through a firm understanding of who she is, and her bold expectations should she allow her heart to fall.

Co-written by MaRynn, Josh Kerr, and Parker Welling, the song treks through the opening verse in list like fashion as she explains the rush of feelings she yearns to experience; “I wanna close my eyes and breathe and jump headfirst into a love I’ve never known,” “I’m gonna let my soul run free until it crashes into somebody like you,” etc.

The pop country flavoring through the bounce of the chorus radiates her blissful smile as she lays it all out on the line, taking the listener straight to that place holding moment that finds her on the cusp of allowing herself to fall, while stamping one final warning of expectation before metaphorically taking out the final brick of her protective wall:

“If I’m gonna fall I’m gonna fall so far in forever

That I’ll never fall out

If I’m gonna love, I’m gonna love like crazy

So true, the way I’m doin’ right now

Looking into your eyes

Seeing as good as it gets

I won’t settle for anything less

Right from the start you gotta know

If I ‘m gonna give you my heart

That’s how it’s gonna go”

Like with the opening verse, the second half of the song offers a list like interpretation, though shifting now to the comfort levels she wants to feel when she’s with him; “I wanna rest here in your arms underneath the midnight stars up in the sky,” “I wanna believe in love songs, like the radio is on for us all night,” etc.

By unashamedly examining her real-life ups and downs through song, there arrives a connection factor with her 20-something demographic as she becomes their peer in this walk of life together. As such, the confidence shown on “How It’s Gonna Go” shines a much-needed hopefulness that on the other side of down moments, you find yourself and settle for nothing less than what you deserve to have.

MaRynn Taylor has continually grown as a singer, songwriter, and as a person since breaking through with “I Know A Girl.” Within that growth spurt, has arrived the endearing, defining characteristics that have accelerated her career through the commonly threaded notion of I know more now than I used to know, but I’m still growing and learning.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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