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  CALLISTA CLARK - Reckless- Dreamcatcher Artists

When she released “Bless Your Heart” earlier this year, her first official single since signing with Dreamcatcher Artists, Callista Clark opened the door on her next chapter with a fresh excitement told through her crisp vocal performance, endearing lyrical output, and engaging melody.

She now returns with the release of proverbial fan favorite, “Reckless.”

The song, co-written by Clark, Laura Veltz, and Sam Ellis, has already built a strong support system as it walked through a variety of different iterations, including a stunning acoustic version that earned rave reviews.

Now in its full production mode, we get the culmination of the entire vision of the song.

Within the grip of the airy melody, Clark bends her voice into flashes of sass that’s washed in unbridled confidence, floating each hint of her signature waver along the guide of the rhythm while outlining the endless chatter reverberating from the outsiders looking in on her life who are all saying she’s too young to know what she’s doing, that she has too much faith in everything, etc.

However, with a metaphoric shrug of the shoulders and a sly grin worn across her face, she declares to her negative naysayers to go ahead and think what you want of her, lifting into the chorus through an unapologetic embrace of her carefree attitude that makes every optimistic risk count:

“If that makes me reckless

Let me be reckless

Naive and crazy

I won't disagree

If I can stay fearless and keep this

Wild heart on my sleeve

Then reckless is what I wanna be”

Reaching through the speakers to provide strong, peer-to-peer encouragement, the second verse gently reminds that “hope is worth taking chances on” and that “dreaming ain’t just for sleeping,” giving the lyric a full circle moment that expertly gifts her learned wisdom to generation next.

Callista Clark continues to showcase who she is with both “Bless Your Heart” and “Reckless,” highlighting her masterful songwriting craft and her vocal prowess by moving her voice through the emotion of each lyrical line, adding accented definition to her anticipated next chapter while aptly teasing things still to come from a new EP that’s scheduled to release this fall.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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