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Thursday February 10, 2022

Livestream from Losers Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, NV

(Review by: Jeffrey Kurtis)

As “Just About Over You” began to impact the country music charts, the spotlight started to shift toward then newcomer Priscilla Block. But even Block herself couldn’t have seen the way that her career was about to take off like a rocket over this past year once that spotlight brought her to center stage and made her the next “it” artist in country music.

Block released her 6-song debut EP on April 30, 2021, made her debut on the hallowed stage of the Grand Ole Opry the next night, performed in front of 350,000 people on Lower Broadway in Nashville as part of the cities massive Fourth of July celebration, and has spent the better part of the past 6 months out on the road connecting with her fans through live shows and meet and greets.

Her social media game is on point!

Her personality is endearing!

And her latest single “My Bar” coincided with the incredible news that her debut full-length album Welcome to The Block Party would be dropping on February 11, 2022.

To celebrate her album release, Block invited all her fans (other than those on hand in Las Vegas) to join her from the comfort of their own homes through a livestream release party that took place from Loser’s Bar Las Vegas, which just so happened to fall on the same night that she was nominated for her very first ACM Award.

“What’s going on guys?” Block excitedly asked as she bounced onto the stage and encouraged the crowd to give her a big hell yeah, kicking of the show with a solo cup in her right hand as she danced across the front of the stage opening with the very appropriate song choice, “Welcome to the Block Party.”

“It’s gonna happen at some point,” alluding to crying as she wiped her eyes. “Thank you so much for coming out tonight. I was literally like what if no one’s there? That would be awkward,” Block mused as the crowd cheered louder to let her know they were there for her with undying support.

“I don’t know if you guys know about getting drunk,” she said with a pause as the crowd raised their glasses high in the air and screamed. “And missing someone when you’re getting drunk. But that’s what this next song’s about,” she stated, as the band drove straight into the uber popular “Wish You Were The Whiskey.”

“Well speaking of some whiskey…I know you guys know this song,” Block said as she enticed everyone in the crowd to raise their glass up in the air as she covered a snippet of Morgan Wallen’s popular “Whiskey Glasses.”

“I’m obsessed with every single one of you in this room. I see big hair, big hoops,” Block gushed as she excitedly continued, “Thank you so much for being here for me; and for the bar! I just put out a song called “My Bar,” she plugged as she also praised Loser’s Bar (both in Nashville and Vegas), playing her current single which had the crowd singing and swaying along with her as she bopped back and forth across the stage.

“Again and again and again and again….thank you so much for being here!” Block gratefully said as she continued. “My album just came out and I’m so excited. These past few years have been exciting for me. All the songs on the album, I co-wrote about real shit that has happened. I like to keep it real – and people always say to me, Priscilla you’re such the life of the party, why are you always in such a good mood? Well, you didn’t see me last night when I was crying. And ya know…9 times out of 10, if you ask someone how they’re doing they will say good, but they’re probably not doing good. That’s what this next song is about,” Block finished as she played the very strong, single worthy “I’ve Gotten Good.”

“This next song goes out to anybody that has ever walked out of your life that gets curious as to what you’re up to these days,” Block said slyly as she delivered the sassy titled “I Bet You Wanna Know.”

She strapped on her guitar for the first time of the night for “Peaked in High School,” a song which she admitted she wasn’t even going to originally put on the album that she then dedicated to anybody that has ever made you feel like shit about yourself.

She made mention during the song of her ACM Nomination for New Female Artist of the Year, which she admitted after the song she is completely freaked out about and told of how literally a few years ago, she was begging people to come into the bar just to hear her sing “Wagon Wheel.”

“This next song is one on the album that I am so excited about, and it wrecked me when I wrote it. I had this flashback to my dad telling me this when I was going through a rough time…He said, a man won’t walk away,” she remembered as she played the heart tugging “Like A Boy,” with its mostly acoustic instrumentation allowing the incredible lyrics (and harmonies) to take center stage.

“Do we have any Lizzo fans out there, besides myself?” asked Block who was met with cheers from the audience as she covered “Truth Hurts” complete with a countryfied touch to it like only she could pull off.

“Sometimes you have to have sad girl moments, but this next song goes out to that person who thinks you might be at home crying in a bucket of ice cream because you’re going through a breakup. But no… I’m at the bar, drinking with my favorite bartender, with my favorite band,” Block enthusiastically stated as the band dove into the ultra-catchy “Ever Since You Left.”

“As you can tell, I love a good pair of high heels. For many reasons, but mainly because they make me feel a little bit taller. I don’t know about any of you girls, but I go back to the same pair of heels that hurt so bad and, like why do I do this to myself? Because they’re cute!” she told with a smile and laugh as she played “Heels In Hand.”

“This song is so special to me, it’s called “I Know A Girl.” It’s about that feeling when you were younger and you just wish times would end, but then you get older and want to go back.”

“I’ve had this next one for a long time, and I felt like it’s only right to have it on my debut album because this song is me. I am a curvy girl. I will always be a curvy girl. And this song goes out to anyone who has told me I had to lose weight to make it in country music,” she stamped down as she got the crowd singing along with her super popular, “Thick Thighs.”

“1995 is when I was born and that’s the year that some of the best country music came out. I know y’all know these songs so sing them with us,” Block encouraged as she delivered a medley of 90’s country hits including George Strait’s “Check Yes or No,” David Lee Murphy’s “Dust on the Bottle,” Tim McGraw’s “I Like It, I Love It,” Joe Diffie’s “Pickup Man,” and Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine.”

“I am on cloud 9. I feel like I’ve been on cloud 9 for the past two years, but today is the highlight,” Block gushed with the crowd as she plugged her album one last time. “It’s really crazy that not long ago no one knew who I was, but all I wanted to do was sing country music. These past two years have been insane. I signed a record deal. I signed a publishing deal. I had my first song go to country radio. I’ve had my second song go to country radio. I was just nominated for new female artist. And I hope that my story inspires you to never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything,” she encouraged the dreamers with as she closed out her set with “Just About Over You,” letting the crowd handle most of the last chorus in an amazing audience participation moment with the artist. 


1) Welcome to the Block Party

2) Wish You Were The Whiskey

3) Whiskey Glasses (Morgan Wallen cover)

4) My Bar

5) I’ve Gotten Good

6) I Bet You Wanna Know

7) Peaked in High School

8) Like A Boy

9) Truth Hurts (Lizzo cover)

10) Ever Since You Left

11) Heels In Hand

12) I Know A Girl

13) Thick Thighs

14) Medley: Check Yes or No, Dust on the Bottle, I Like It, I Love It, Pickup Man, Any Man of Mine

15) Just About Over You



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