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'A Tale of 7 Cities' album release party

Thursday June 23, 2022

@ Assembly Food Hall in Nashville, TN

(Review by: Jeffrey Kurtis)

With his new EP A Tale of 7 Cities releasing in just a few hours after the start of the show, Raleigh Keegan surrounded himself with his favorite co-writer’s to take over the Assembly Food Hall’s South stage for his official album release party as part of the ultra-hot series, “The Nash News presents…”

In front of a very packed house that was so crowded it made finding a seat nearly impossible, the night would include (amongst others) songwriters Nicole Miller, Alex Dooley, Mark Narmore, and James Robert Webb delivering their most familiar songs to the enthusiastic crowd, including “Don’t Ask Me About A Woman” from Dooley (recorded by Easton Corbin), hot charting singles from James Robert Webb such as “Okfuskee Whiskey” and “Lovesick Drifting Cowboy, and “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “The Moon Over Georgia” from Mark Narmore.

However, as great as all these songwriters are, this spotlight was shining on Raleigh Keegan and his new album which he would play in its entirety.

Catching the specific feel and musical undertones of each city featured in the title of each of the songs that make up A Tale of 7 Cities, Keegan blended a very diverse range of styles into his signature flare to give each song his personal stamp, which is what makes him one of music’s most endearing artists to watch.

Flanked by an acoustic guitar and fiddle/mandolin, Keegan plucked the ivories as he wrapped his incredibly powerful vocal around the catchy melody of “Cold Day In Tucson,” which had several people in the crowd immediately swaying side to side in unison with the rhythm.

“My wife’s here today,” stated Keegan as the crowd cheered. “We moved here from Lexington, KY and we had a lot of great friends there so we’re going to do a song about missing it back there,” he finished as he and his band slid into “Send My Love To Lexington,” which saw Raleigh bring his voice to a higher note as the fiddle whined the background music on this ode that sang directly to where you come from, while actively searching to find it again from where you’re at today.

“Thank y’all so much for being here tonight,” Raleigh gratefully said as he twisted a bit of Memphis soul and blues into “Miss Me Memphis” before switching  from piano to acoustic guitar to move into the breezy feeling of “Lonely Night in LA.”

Sliding back behind the keys, Keegan then delivered the snappy rhythm of “Paris Wheel,” during which he used his lyrics to paint the perfect pictures of crushing and young love budding through a flirty experience in the City of Light.

“My mom and dad are here tonight,” exclaimed Keegan as he pointed them out. “My dad is a big Billy Joel fan, and I always thought, what would it be like if Billy Joel did a country-ish type of song?” he asked as he struck the keys on the Billy Joel inspired “How’s The View In New York City.”

With his guitar strapped back around his neck, Keegan once again assumed the role of guitar slinger as he dove into the singer-songwriter country tilt of “Lost in Vegas,” a bonus track from the album that follows a very traditional inspired storytelling feel while rhythmically enticing the crowd to bop along and participate in a well-timed clap along moment into the final chorus.

“This next one’s about moving to Nashville and getting beat up by it,” Keegan transparently shared as he played “New to Nashville,” immediately resonating with the aspiring songwriters in the crowd as he openly tackled the everyday struggles that you encounter while holding on to hope as you work your way through the very tough music scene, trying to find your specific place in the fabrication of Music City.

“If you haven’t already noticed and picked up on, I took you on a story from city to city through each song,” Keegan explained. “This last one is the one that wraps all of it up,” he finished as he took his place behind the piano and with just the keys and his voice, no accompaniment, he put the perfect exclamation point on the night as he closed his performance with “Where My Home Is.”

With an overall sound that fell somewhere between country and adult contemporary, and a decisive vibe plucked straight out of the 1970’s lounge era, Raleigh Keegan created a very unique vibe that recalled eras of the past while still holding one foot firmly on the here and now, delivering all the signature feels that makes him who he is as a writer and artist, while using this night to absolutely excite the crowd for his new album which is now available everywhere you stream or listen to music!


1) Cold Day In Tucson

2) Send My Love to Lexington

3) Miss Me Memphis

4) Lonely Night in LA

5) Paris Wheel

6) How’s The View in New York City

7) Lost in Vegas

8) New to Nashville

9) Where My Home Is


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