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                                                                    CHLOE COLLINS

                                                              "Do It For The Plot" 

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Chloe Collins has made an impact through sync deals since her earliest days as a songwriter, landing song placements on popular television programs Nashville, Heartland, and many more!

But underneath that songwriter success, Collins has also impressively built a strong artist resume, culminating with a recent top 40 showing on the renowned MusicRow CountryBreakout Chart for her song “Somebody Else’s.”

Doing the balancing act between discovering her signature sound and also still writing for placement on television, has allowed Chloe to really explore many different avenues within her style as she’s created a catalog that moves fluidly between genres while elevating her clever lyrics, the unique tonality of her vocals, and a featured honesty that pulls as much influence from Criminal Minds as it does her own personal diary.

Recent releases have seen her dip into moody alternative rock on “Red Looks Good On Me,” a somber, gothic infused tilt on “Devil I Know,” and a punk rock inspired take on “That’s On You.’ 

She now returns with her first release of 2023, “Do It For The Plot.”

Written and inspired while on a recent trip to the UK, Collins opens her travel log and twists us through the frantic kick of everything that can go sideways going sideways but taking it all in stride as it’s just a part of the plot twist of life.

Dripping her truth laden vocal through each of its candid flavors, Collins enhances every line and pops specific phrasing to cleverly hold you in the “plot” as it continues turning through fuzzy production and guitar licks that pull from a low-fi, garage rock influence, which both help elevate the spiraling of the lyrics as she sings with an addictive, carefree attitude through lines such as:

“I’m on my last pair of underwear, car broke down don’t care”

“Haven’t called my mom back, uht oh uht oh”

“I’m phoneless and homeless, just for tonight”

Transparently describing her own quirky personality by singing that she’d be the kid if the Joker and Harley Quinn had one, and that she’d obviously be born if chaos and caffeine kissed, perfectly embodies the spirit of the overall vibe to add a “this just is who I am” confidence.

The ultra-catchy chorus leans into a line, “I’ll dance and scream in the streets if I wanna,” and it’s exactly what you’ll be doing as you listen to this to blitz of attitude and swagger; an attitude that Collins elevates when the instrumentation briefly fades out and allows her to add a sly chuckle to hook of the song as she metaphorically shrugs her shoulders to exclaim, “Why Not? Do it for the plot!”

You never really know what you’re going to get from Chloe Collins and that’s exatly what makes her such an intriguing artist. Rather than stay boxed inside of a safe comfort zone, she stretches way past those constricting lines to unpologeticly create her own space where she always shines brightly whereever her music takes her – as she’s proven once again on “Do It For The Plot.”

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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