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                                                                      JAMES BARKER BAND

                                                                "Meet Your Mama"

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One look at the resume of the James Barker Band, and you’ll immediately discover that they’ve made more than a major impact on the country music scene in their homeland of Canada. 4 Gold-certified #1 songs, 2 Platinum-certified, and countless spots on the biggest stages have made them one of the most sought after best of the best.

RECORDS Nashville has caught the buzz that Canada’s known about since 2017, recently announcing their signing of the hitmaking group and jumping off the launchpad with their label debut, “Meet Your Mama.”

The insatiable love song leans into an irresistible mid-tempo drive that perfectly underlays the “take me there” styled lyric as Barker aims his heartfelt vocal directly at his love interest as their relationship is on the verge of entering its next chapter; the one where you learn everything about her simply by visiting the place where she grew up. 

James tenderheartedly admits that he knows its only been 6 months and that he isn’t trying to rush it or mess it up, but with it starting to feel like she’s the one, he sets the entire tone of the song by singing of wanting to take a feels right risk; “So whatcha say we head on out to that old farmhouse you always talk about?”

The chorus (and second verse) then runs through a heartfelt list of reasons why he wants to go back to where she was raised so badly; he wants to meet her mama, have a beer with her old man, fall for the hometown girl she used to be, see the pictures on the fridge of when she was younger, Etc.

Although on the surface this is mostly him pining for what he wants, two very well-placed lines in the second part of chorus shifts the entire dynamic and injects the song with an all about you reassurance as he leaves his wants completely in her hands and at her discretion of when it’s the right time to make that drive; “So say the word, we’ll take that drive” and “Anytime you wanna, girl I wanna.”

“Meet Your Mama” takes aspects that the James Barker Band has already leaned on to achieve monumental success, and elevates their unique signatures of heartfelt lyrics, crisp lead vocals, and rich harmonies while boldly introducing the group to country music fans in the states with something that is the perfect companion to match today’s Hot Country charting songs .

We expect this to climb quickly with a bullet, and we suspect you’re about to meet your new favorite country music group!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)





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