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                                                                      DYLAN MARLOWE

                                                                "Record High"

                                                                Sony Music Nashville





2022 was a tremendous year for Dylan Marlowe as he raised his status to become one of the most talked about songwriter/artists on the Nashville circuit with hot song releases, “Why’d We Break Up Again,” “When I Look Back,” and his recent duet with Kasey Tyndall, “Place For Me.”

With the amount of buzz now swirling around him, the announcement that he signed with Sony Music Nashville shouldn’t come as much a surprise, but rather the logical next step ahead as he inches closer to becoming one of country music’s next big things.

Along with that monumental announcement, though, also came the reveal of his brand-new single, “Record High.”

While the songs he released throughout 2022 saw him mostly putting a modern pop country vibe into midtempo, tap along melodies, this new one curves into slower paced territory to perfectly match the heartbreaking lyrics.

Taking us straight into the painful realities of a breakup, Marlowe pushes us through the many different vices that he’s leaning on to try and soothe the pain, setting “record high’s” for the number of beers he drank and Reds he’s smoked while lamenting that he “ain’t ever seen nobody leave somebody like that.”

The chorus then sees him fully replaying the details of her leaving as he runs through the memory of it piece by piece, confessing that he ain’t never seen gravel fly that high, seen more tears in a pair of green eyes, or seen taillights burn that bright. But it’s when he hits us with the line, “Never heard her cuss more than she did last night,” that the entire dynamic shifts.

With this one line, Marlowe not only reveals that the fight that caused their split only happened hours ago, but also that he clearly knows it’s going to stick. Though never quite saying it, this quick negative reaction to her leaving leads one to believe that he knows it was entirely his fault, and the aftermath we’re placed in the middle of is coming entirely from a place of regret.

Capturing these emotions so perfectly within his voice and in the moodiness of the music tucked behind the very well-written lyrics, intriguingly combines with a something vastly different then we’ve heard from him over his past few releases to give Dylan Marlowe a great debut single with his new label home.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)





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