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                                                                      PAIGE KING JOHNSON

                                                                "Why God Made Small Towns" 

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Since releasing her break-through single “Baby Don’t” in 2021, North Carolina native Paige King Johnson has made major strides as she’s continued to carve out her niche within a crowded Nashville country music scene.

Her debut album Honky Tonk Heart created major buzz, its singles “Famous Enough” and “American Beauty” earned rave reviews, and “Homes in the Hometown” garnered approval from her home state as she became the first musical Ambassador for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for their “Got to Be NC” campaign.

Riding a huge wave of momentum out of 2022, Johnson now kicks off 2023 with her new single, “Why God Made Small Towns.”

Slowing the pace to perfectly encompass nostalgic pride, King allows her hometown kissed vocal to paint the picture of Anywhere USA as she sings of the sparsely populated town being only a few square miles from one light to the other, while also hitting on the personalities of the people who call it home when she tells of them being the hard working type, big hearted, and those who welcome everyone - sun up to sun down.

But it’s when she digs down deeper past those trademark, small-town distinctions to envision the why aspect of the creation of small towns through the eyes of God that we cleverly see Biblical morals and values show up in the song.

In list like fashion through the chorus and second half, she tells of how He wanted to have place where families could be raised, where people celebrate Friday night lights and Sunday morning churching, where a Main Street drive had a million-dollar view, and a very special place for the lost to get found. 

She then elevates the song very poignantly when she injects a line into the final chorus that brings all the different reasons why God created small towns into one neatly wrapped package when she sings, “Just a patch of land to bring a little heaven down.”

Known for her signature small-town, country girl charm, this song absolutely works for Paige King Johnson as it truly embodies the spirit of her hometown with humble pride. On the professional side, it sees her continue to forge ahead on her path as she carves out her next steps and keeps the buzz swirling around her unique bending of a distinctly modern branded style with traditional country flare.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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