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                                                                  PAMELA HOPKINS

                                                            "I Love You Most" 

                                                            Independent Release





Pamela Hopkins has certainly made a splash on the independent country music scene since emerging onto it in 2018, majorly breaking through the barriers with her 2021 single, “Givin’ a Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit).”

The country songstress has amassed over 1.5 million Spotify streams, hit #1 an impressive five different times on iTunes international charts, and has solidified herself as one of the modern era artists vastly influenced by the 90’s country sound.

Though in late 2022 we saw Hopkins momentarily veer away from her normal 90’s country splashed infusion and swerve outside the box with her song “Squirrel Train,” injecting it with a toe-tapping bluegrass flare around the tongue and cheek, autobiographical lyric, her brand-new release “I Love You Most” sees her sliding back into that comfortable position stylistically that we’ve come to know from Pamela.

The song, co-written by Hopkins and frequent writing partner Dave Lenahan, wraps around a country dancehall styled mid-tempo groove that immediately pulls you in and gets your hips swaying as the opening verse sees Hopkins run through a list of what people say love is, while slightly disagreeing with most of it in such perfect ways that she excitedly spells out that love is so much better than that: 

“They say you only fall in love once

And I’m not sure that’s true

I fall in love all over again

Every time I look at you

They say that love is blind

But I have to disagree

You know my imperfections

And still see the best in me”

The poppy, float on the breeze feel that Hopkins blends through her vocals perfectly encompasses the head of heels feel of the lyrics as she excels them to the forefront with exuberantly blissful happiness, singing through the playful chorus exchange of love you/love you more to arrive at the hook where she stamps down, “I love it when you say you love me more, but trust me when I say I love you most!”

The pop into the last chorus, which sees the instruments sliding into the background, gives this song an insatiable audience participation moment that allows the listener to clap along in timing with the rhythm as they provide harmony to the happy in love lyrics alongside Hopkins.

With so many songs dropping for Valentine’s Day right now that lean on a slower, more tug at the heart pace, Hopkins expertly gives us something that’s more fun and upbeat, masterfully embodying the true spirit of being carefree in love with your significant other.  

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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