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                                                                "World Without You"

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2022 was a monumental year for hot rising country duo Southerland (Matt Chase and Chris Rogers).  They not only made their CMA Fest debut, but each of their three singles – “Ice Cold Country Music, “Underpaid & Overserved,” and “Down the Road” – were met with high praise that propelled them major steps ahead as they continued to carve out their path.

Their genuine 90’s country influences on their modern twisted style instantly became attractive within the idea of being at the right place at the right time as what many considered the greatest era of country music became more and more prevalent with the new generation of fans.

With Friday night dancehall tempos embedded into their melodies, which immediately had boot heels clickin’ on the hardwood, they also skillfully placed a bright spotlight on their songwriting and signature harmonies to offer their defining characteristic as they told listeners who they are. 

They now start off 2023 with their brand-new single, “World Without You.

The song, written by Chase, Rogers, Greg Bates, and Jessi Alexander, provides an intriguing slower pace in comparison to what we’ve heard from them previously, but one that also fits the lyrical content perfectly and unveils a new depth as to what they bring to the table.

Leaning on soft instrumentation to accompany the crisp, clear vocals, the opening verse transparently tackles the thought of what life would be like if you didn’t have your better in it, anxiously admitting that from time to time his mind wanders to this thought even though it doesn’t make sense.

This relatable thought for anyone in a relationship instantly connects with listeners, as the duo then strikes with their tremendous songwriting ability in the chorus, using picturesque comparatives to describe what that very uneasy feeling looks like:

“It be like Tennessee without guitar town

The Wild Wild West without a wrangler moon

Mississippi if the river dried up, Texas wasn’t tough

Kentucky lost its blue

Can you imagine that Grand Canyon

Without the Colorado cutting through

Girl for me, that’s how I’d be, if I had to see

a world without you”

With a personal touch in the second verse, he reassures her in a metaphoric embrace by focusing on the simple nuances that he he’s grown to love that make them who they are together as he sings of his closet not being the same without her high heels in it, his old truck looking better with her makeup in it, etc.

Though Southerland still absolutely retains their signature dancehall induced flare with this softer pacing, and it’s a song that will surely bring you straight out to the dance floor, this time around it’ll be for a hold ‘em close, couples slow dance.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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