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KYLIE FREY - Miss Thang - Deep Frey'd Music

Though America’s Got Talent certainly shined a bright national spotlight on the third-generation rodeo champion and addictively likeable singer-songwriter, Kylie Frey, she’s been one of the more renowned talents of the country music scene for quite some time.

Memorable songs that she performed during her time on the show, “Horses In Heaven” and “I Do Thing,” lauded her tremendous charting success across the Lonestar State, while her recent singles, “Red Dirt Cinderella” and “Hell Of A Life,” have continued to carve out her unique niche as they walked perfect balance along the blurred lines that straddle Texas tradition and a Nashville induced aura.

She now returns with “Miss Thang.”

Written back in 2020, the song sees Kylie leaning her upbeat, ultra-positive personality into a toe-tapping melody that surrounds itself with an irresistible rhythm to perfectly accent the “if you want it, go and get it” confidence wrapped within the lyric.

Equating herself as “Miss Thang,” though skillfully guiding that distinctive label in such a way that it reaches through the speakers to strike the heart chords of the listener as they place their own selves within that very title, Frey encouragingly stamps that no matter what they day may hold, whatever ups or downs it will inevitably bring, she’s well equip to grab the bull by its horns and ride it out from here.

Embracing the life lessons she was taught as a young’un, which she still carries with her today as a touring musician as alluded to throughout the song, she twists through ear popping, Southern charmed phrasing such as, “if you’re gonna get the bacon you gotta use your own grease, ain’t nobody cookin for ya,” to aptly grab our attention as she then slaps the self-empowering, fist-pumping declaration of the chorus:

“The rough ends draggin’ like a ball and chain

Lord, I hitch my wagon to a runaway train

I strum a six string, I pick, and I sing

Electric rodeo queen

and you can call me…

You can call me Miss Thang”

Through her own excitement being genuinely felt in each of her social media posts leading up to the song finally seeing the light of day in its studio form, Frey perfectly amped anticipation for what she hails as “one of her favorite songs to play live.”

Speaking of which, Kylie Frey is currently igniting the stage on the road with Randall King on his ‘Into the Neon Tour.’

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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