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BECCA BOWEN - Baby Lie To Me - Independent Release

Commonly referred to by her nickname “Country Barbie,” and widely recognized as the season 5 winner of the Outdoor Channel’s For Love Or Likes, Becca Bowen has been solidifying herself as an emerging talent to watch ever since her 2022 debut album Like You’ve Never Been Loved.

The album provided overall definition of who she is through the glitz wrapped encouragement of “Glitter,” an irresistible catchiness on the ultra-addictive title track, and the heartfelt tenderness of “Home.”

However, she’s diligently used this past year to start teasing what’s next; initially with the fiery “Son of a Gun” before bopping us along with “If I’m Being Honest” and then taking us on a “County Line” journey through lessons learned during her formative years.

Having expertly lined up the anticipation for what was still to come, it’s now all culminated with the release of her new EP, County Line.

With the focus track “Baby Lie To Me,” she continues peeling back layers of vulnerability while adding the sultry flare of an underground jazz hall to her otherwise insatiable country aura, allowing her to utilize the tonality of her voice as she comes to grips with a love that had once felt so right, now slipping away.

Word around town is that you’re moving on without me” she laments on the opening line as she unravels her internal conflicts, admitting that she can’t handle the impending heartbreak while striking a crescendo moment later in the song by succumbing to an acceptance of his flaws in a desperate attempt to stop his leaving and keep what they once had intact.

Enhancing urgency through the pleading of her voice, she hits a begging cry into the chorus as she throws consequences of her heartbreak aside, declaring to him:

“Baby, lie to me cause it really don’t matter

It’s hard to see the truth in the pieces that are shattered

I want to believe that you’re still in love me

The truth won’t set me free

So baby lie to me”

With hints of desperation, splashes of yearning, and a pure vulnerability spread throughout the emotional impact of her voice, Becca Bowen fully encompasses heartbreak one small crack at a time with each passing line until it finally breaks in half; Not only giving us an ultra-relatable scenario that will induce a connection factor, but offering an entirely different sonic layer to her arsenal with a shining vocal performance that levels her up as this next chapter begins.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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