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  MEGAN MORONEY - No Caller ID - Columbia Records

Ever since the release of her monumental mainstream viral breakout hit “Tennessee Orange”, Megan Moroney has had fans begging for more music.  And with each new tune to hit the ears of fans, the more excitement and momentum builds around the Georgia native. 

Her latest release represents the first glimpse at the highly anticipated next chapter from the talented songstress via Sony Music Nashville / Columbia Records.  “No Caller ID” is available digitally and on all streaming platforms now.

Once again collaborating with producer Kristian Bush, Moroney penned “No Caller ID” with Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington, and Jessie Jo Dillon.  And in what is quickly becoming a constant for all of her music, the new tune showcases here ability to intimately convey feelings of vulnerability and grief as she depicts the ever-difficult process of moving on emotionally while still recovering from past heartbreak.

The musical arrangement on this track is remarkable, incorporating the perfect combinations of percussion, mandolin, and guitar runs to somberly tell the tale of one’s struggle to overcome past heartache.  Moroney’s transcendingly trademark vocals push this song over the top, with her raw emotional delivery of the poetic lyrics hitting the listener’s head and heart with an impactful force that is achieved by so few releases nowadays.

“Here you come again, and there you go

No coincidence, you always know

When I’m movin’ on, you move back in

With a half-ass, ‘Sorry, how you been?’”

Why do you do it?  Do you, just hate losin’?

Here you come again, who could it be

It’s 3a.m., no caller ID”

Serving as the first taste of new music since Megan’s widely acclaimed and highly-regarded debut album, ‘Lucky’, “No Caller ID” hits in all the right places to continue her run of successful single releases. Moroney currently has two songs in the Top 30 on country radio – “I’m Not Pretty” and “Can’t Break Up Now”, her collaboration with Old Dominion.

Having wrapped her wildly successful sold-out THE LUCKY TOUR, she is set for a national headlining run in the spring and summer as support for Kenny Chesney on his SUN DOWN 2024 TOUR.  With a brand-new tune out now and anticipation for upcoming new music on the horizon, along with a year full of countless dates on the road, Megan is on pace to further skyrocket her career in 2024.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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