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TYLER HUBBARD - Turn - EMI Nashville

As Tyler Hubbard continues unravelling pieces of his highly anticipated sophomore project, a theme that’s dripped in nostalgia and appreciating the simplicities of life has risen to the forefront, surrounded by ideals of worrying less, loving more, and basking in each snapshot “country” moment.

Following the previously released “A Lot With A Little” and “Back Then Right Now,” the multi-platinum selling hitmaker now offers his newest song, “Turn.’

Co-written by Tyler with Josh Miller and Casey Brown, the song fits squarely in the zone of his vocal strengths while leaning into the softer midtempo pacing that’s become the distinguishable flavor of his more recent releases.

Placing his drawl atop an infectious melody, Hubbard endearingly pulls us through his love of the country way of life and his unbridled enthusiasm for sharing it with the one he’s head over heels for, painting the small-town essence through a series of quips in the opening verse that outlines it as a middle of nowhere town that’s full of gravel roads, a slower paced lifestyle, etc.

However, in a cleverly written comparative, he utilizes the sway along chorus as a listing of the different types of turns that growing up in the country will inevitably offer, only to land on his racing heartbeat as he relishes in how meeting the right one will make your whole world turn:

“Turn grass into dirt, turn seeds into rows

Prayers into rain, turn tires off a road

Dust into clouds when the sun turns red

Turn a hand-me-down Chevy to a creekside bed

Headlights burnin', radio's workin'

Her sweet smile's gettin' some ol' boy turnin'

That midnight kiss into those three words

A girl like her will make your whole world turn”

Equating looking in her brown eyes to a taste of the good life, he uses the second half of the song to spotlight how every little thing about being with her has affected his life for the positive, praising his newfound sense of bliss on lines such as “she can turn a bad day around like she turns those heads” and “I'm holdin' onto heaven down here on a tailgate date.”

By not straying too far away from the familiarity of the sound we grew accustomed to in the later era of Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Hubbard has skillfully found a way to firmly hold our attention as he moves into his own unique sound, especially within the lyrics he’s presenting on this new crop of material.

While he’ll no doubt earn a listening ear and substantial radio play given what he’s already accomplished, both as one half of the duo and as a solo artist, as he continues to add these new dynamics to his fresh approach on looking back, he intrigues with each new layer of his solo path.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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