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JET JURGENSMEYER - Coffee Bar - Simba Entertainment

Finding balance within two different sides of the entertainment field – acting and music - has been a steady navigation for Jet Jurgensmeyer as he confidently weaves them both with his feet firmly planted on their respective lines.

Though many will certainly recognize him from Last Man Standing and the Disney animated T.O.T.S., he’s worn his passion for music on his sleeve through a remarkable ability to be a constant student of the songwriting craft, steadily growing his catalog and finding a unique blend of pop and country from song to song;  “Falling Too,” “All I Need,” "Everything Will Be Alright," "Fast Forward," "Compassion," and "Talk to God."

He now delivers his newest offering, “Coffee Shop.”

Released earlier this month, the song which he co-wrote alongside Angel Rameriz carries an addictive, feel-good flavor through its catchy backbeat and head-bobbing rhythm to perfectly encompass the falling in love feel of the lyrics.

As a blissful tone surrounds his vocal, Jurgensmeyer bring us inside a coffee shop where he’s unexpectedly found himself swooning for a girl who he describes as having blonde hair, broke-in boots, and tapping her toes with the background music; Brooks & Dunn’s “Neon Moon.”

Replaying the moment that almost got away, the one that made him start believing that their meeting was more than coincidental, he punches into the extremely bouncy chorus as he wraps the crisp exuberance of his voice around the sway along vibe:

“I finally found a love to hold me

Like the ones you heard about in stories

It doesn’t come by like that

I’ve never fallen quite that fast

I know that deep deep down

It coulda been a place to start

Or a broken heart”

With a heightened anticipation for a potential album release in 2024, Jet Jurgensmeyer continues to spotlight who he is as a songwriter and artist with “Coffee Shop.” Built solidly on the pop infused country vibes that we’ve grown accustomed to from him, but skillfully pulling influence from the 90’s rock explosion of bands like Sister Hazel, Gin Blossoms, etc. not only elevates his game to a new level, but adds an intriguing new dynamic to his overall arsenal.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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