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MARYNN TAYLOR - Small Town Spinnin' - Black River Entertianment

2023 was a monumental year for MaRynn Taylor. With many accolades showered on her Grand Ole Opry debut, she also spotlighted tremendous balance within each of her new singles, displaying an intriguingly transparent vulnerability on “I love you, remember,” “In My Head,” and “’01,” while hitting us with addictively catchy tempos on “Make You Mine” and “Shakin’ In My Boots.”

What became apparent from each release to the next, though, was a very diligent presentation that saw her offering topics that leaned on the weightier side being immediately offset with something lighter.

Continuing to follow that balance into the new year, she kicks off her 2024 with the summery vibed mid-tempo, “Small Town Spinnin’.”

The song, written by Taylor, Josh Kerr, and Erin Kinsey, radiates her playfully accented tone as she paints the gossiping picture of the everybody knows everybody small-town throughout the opening verse, touching on the whispers of the new preacher at church, Jenny’s door getting a blue upgrade that nobody likes, etc.

But with a metaphoric wink and mischievous smile, she strikes the chorus in a devil’s advocate type of way that sees her wondering if it’d be so bad to set the rumor mill ablaze about her and her new beau, daring him to kiss her on Main Street and set the whole town spinning:

“We could send this small town spinnin’, spinnin’

Like a Ferris wheel going round with it

People talking about what it is, what it isn’t

Ain’t funny how a Main Street Kiss

Could send this small town spinnin’

Like a couple in love in the kitchen

Boy, why don’t we be the names flyin 'round

Get the grapevine riled for a minute

Send this small town spinnin’”

Utilizing the second verse to flirtatiously run through a list of ways that they could get everyone talking – his car in her drive, him holding her hand, or even another kiss - she boldly then encourages her wanting of their next move in the bridge of the song with the perfectly placed, prodded teasing of “we’d regret if we didn’t!”

MaRynn Taylor has masterfully allowed us to peek inside her diary with each new layer she’s revealed and “Small Town Spinnin’” absolutely continues to see her turning those pages. She’s 100% zoned in on her core demographic, is embracing her 20-something era, and is delivering relatable songs that walk the bevy of emotions life inevitably presents during these young adult years with an endearing honesty that’s connected her heart to heart with the listener while moving her forward leaps and bounds on her path each time out.  

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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