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KAMERON MARLOWE - Quit You - Columbia Nashville

Columbia Records Nashville recording artist Kameron Marlowe kicked off 2024 with the highly-anticipated release of “Strangers” with Ella Langley.  Now, the standout country star is back with a new tune, one that offers the listener a deep-dive into the heart and mind of this fast-rising singer-songwriter.  “Quit You” is available digitally and on all streaming platforms now.

In 2021, Marlowe released the deeply-personal “Giving You Up,” an autobiographical tale of overcoming heartbreak and resisting the temptation to revisit that person who caused the emotional pain.  A few years later, his new tune represents the next chapter in the story of self-discovery, recovery and retribution.   And though trials and triumphs pertaining to smoking and alcohol persist and resolve, his love, affection and devotion for his fiancé has replaced those material demons at the forefront of his life.

“This is my follow up to ‘Giving You Up,” Marlowe said.  “All the things I had been trying to quit like nicotine or cutting back on drinking, she’s my addiction.  It’s the perfect love song.”

Co-written by Marlowe along with James McNair and John Pierce, “Quit You” offers listeners an intimate view into a love story that will relate to many.  Substituting the themes of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine for the everlasting theme of love, the lyrics offer a thought-provoking glimpse at the power of a relationship on one’s life perspective.

“Baby, who could quit you?

Baby, who in their right mind could put you down?

‘Cause I ain’t never had your kinda high

Who could ever go and tell you goodbye?

Baby, who could quit you?

‘Cause I can’t put you down”

In a country music existence that can be difficult to create your own path and offer something unique and unprecedented, this talented singer-songwriter delivers once again with a brilliantly-crafted and magnificently-delivered tune headlined by sophisticated musical arrangements and powerfully-intoxicating vocals.

In addition to the release of “Quit You,” Marlowe and Langley recently offered a new music video for “Strangers.”  Kameron is also gearing up for another busy year on the road, combining headlining gigs with appearances at the country’s biggest festivals, playing coast to coast from the spring and summer. 

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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