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  KAYLEY GREEN - Live Fast Die Pretty - Sony Music Nashville

Move to Nashville to chase your dream, land a gig on Broadway, get noticed by one of country music’s biggest superstars, be invited to sing with him at his next arena show, and sign a record deal with a major label.

That’s the Hollywood branded script that writes the true story for Sony Music Nashville’s newest signee, Kayley Green.

After performing with Keith Urban at the Bridgestone Arena and igniting internal A&R talks, Green’s debut single “Live Fast Die Pretty” arrives on the same day that it was announced that she is now a signed recording artist with the label.

As the guitar drips into the drumbeats punch, the fuzz embedded into the addictive opening lick immediately tickles your senses to pull you into Green’s undeniable sass as she sings with a shrug of her shoulders through a que sera sera lyric of living on the edge.

Confessing in the opening verse that while her mama taught her that you only get one life to live, she adds a knowing wink through an audible smirk as she rallies that she doesn’t quite think that she meant it to be in the rowdy way that she’s been living hers as of late. 

Utilizing each of the verses to outline the party swirled anthem with painted descriptives, Green hits an irresistible swagger as she sings triumphantly of finding her attitude through double shots of don’t care, making jaws drop as the little heartbreaker in black mascara and a dress to match, etc.

Rasing a cold one to trailblazing her own unique path, she strikes the chorus with a rowdy, sing along style that embodies a showing of appreciated gratefulness to her Broadway induced, late-night style:

“Full speed headed straight for the whiskey

Gotta get it while the lookin’ is good

That’s how to keep going Zero to sixty

Live fast die pretty

Take my last breath in this little black dress

Going out won’t be a pity

Let the headstone say I did it my way

Hey, live fast die pretty”

With rip-roaring guitar shreds through the bridge, a vocal drawl that uniquely stands out on its own, and a stellar performance that expertly balances where she cut her teeth with where she’s headed from here, Kayley Green opens this new chapter of her career with a fiery slap of unapologetic confidence.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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