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                                                                    TYLER RICH

                                                              "I Know You Do" 

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With over 445 million Global streams, three #1 hits on SiriusXM’s The Highway, and a gold-certification for his song “The Difference,” there’s absolutely no doubt that Tyler Rich has made a very quick, and substantial mark on the country music industry as one of the genre’s breakout success stories.

Following his most recent release “Trucks Don’t Lie,” he now returns with his brand-new single “I Know You Do.”

The song, co-written by Rich, Jaron Boyer and Micah Wilshire, takes us straight into that moment that arrives in the middle of a lover’s spat where neither side will budge, but both know good and well that they love each other and that they know each other better than anyone else truly does.

The softer pace wrapped into the mid-tempo groove allows Rich to place his voice squarely in the pocket of the song as he playfully, and somewhat flirtatiously, runs through a knowing list in each of the verses that outlines all the things he knows she doesn’t like: i.e. sleeping alone, his heavy metal songs, small-town drama, scary movies, when he smells like barstool smoke, when he makes fun of her when she gets tipsy, etc.

However, he completely flips the script when he arrives at the chorus and takes his listing of what she doesn’t like, to instead, lovingly name all the different things that he absolutely knows she does like; the specific little things that only they share together that makes them who they are as a couple:

“Girl, I know you do like

When I bring home Meiomi red wine

Chase down any old good time

Shotgun tight in my Chevy

Girl, I know you do love

Wake you up late-night good love

When you’re mad as hell

You can’t even tell me that you love me to

Girl, I know you do”

With an ultra-popular idea that isn’t too far off from what was learned in the best-selling book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus in that men always want to naturally be the fixer when there’s a problem that arrives, Tyler Rich continues to connect his down-home, boy next door charm to the listening audience through a sway along vibe that perfectly grabs couples, puts a smile on their face, and will have them slow dancing in their kitchen as they grow even closer to each other step by step.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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